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I think people get angrier when I don’t react to their own anger. On one hand, I can see how anger could be an important evolutionary trait to have in certain situations, but on the other hand there are so many things I just don’t give a shit about and never will. People expect me to care about certain things but I can’t help myself, especially if it doesn’t even threaten my own (or a loved one’s) survival in this world. And even if it did threaten my existence here, there’s plenty of other worlds to explore after our time here.
To the person that was irrationally yelling at me after philosophy class yesterday, I’ll pass on a message from the Buddha: “You will not punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” I wish this person nothing but best, along with some form of therapy for her own well-being.

p.s. especially don’t expect anything out of me after philosophy class when my mind is still outside of my ego-centric body trying to appreciate all these beautiful concepts lol.

Goodbye Facebook identity

Some of you may be wondering why I no longer have any pictures or personal information on my Facebook anymore. Basically, I just researched a project to figure out why Facebook exhausts mental health and I found that it might be because identifying with your online persona gives you a false sense of self, therefore a false sense of reality. False sense of reality=symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, narcissism, and so on. Identifying with the online persona makes it harder to recognize the true self (which I’m not even gonna get into right now) but basically knowing the true self means self-actualization, AKA ultimate happiness. So I’m experimenting with this virtual reality that most of us believe to be true as if it were some sort of a game instead of an extension of the real world to see if maybe this theory is true. I’ll be free to choose who I want to be rather than what I’m currently bound to be. Characters will depend on fluctuating feelings. One day I could be a 40 year old man, the next day a playful puppy. I guess this could kind of be like my own lucid dream where I can choose to be/do anything I want and everyone else is just an observer of my dream. Also, it might be interesting to allow myself to grow outside of the public eye so that I can actually catch up with some of you when we see each other again. Hopefully I can hold up this experiment for a while and not cave into going back to “Paula Rayo”. If you want to know Paula Rayo, find her in real life! In the meantime, hope you enjoy the lucidity experiment ;)

Yours truly,
another Rayo storm of thoughts.


#awakening #buddhagroove

Be awake. Be human.


#awakening #buddhagroove

Be awake. Be human.

E /// i l e e: alternative narratives.


I want to talk about alternative narratives. Well, I’ve been talking a lot about alternative narratives… but I want to write about the subject, and I want to share some thoughts. I want to open a conversation and read and hear more thoughts and ideas. Before reading this personal, reflective…

Some fantasies are better left unfulfilled.

C’est un plutocracy, un corporatocracy, far from a democracy and they get offended when I question their system, our system, por la PROPAGANDA de proud nationalism. #IPledgeofAllegiance #butWeAreAllHuman

Land of the Shine

I’m in a place that’s really shiny only because they are able to hide the dirt under the carpet so well without anyone noticing. The streets are kept clean but on one knows what a recycling bin is. You become immune to it and you don’t notice it unless you leave for 11 years and come back. 

The consumerism, sexism, racism, even assholism is stronger down here. The division of class is bigger. The culture is out to cheat on you. 

People at home are jealous of me because over here you are more stimulated- everything is shinier, louder, bigger, stronger but that’s only a strategy to get you to consume more as it blocks off your reasoning. I feel bad for people that become a walking billboards for brand names. Or the ones that fall for the idiocy of consuming to be happy. 

And at the same time I love when they ID me and I can show off my Canadian health card- a place where health is a public concern not a privatization.